This module is designed to store and edit the list of bookmarks to frequently used content, for example, elements of the device's file system, and access to them.

The list of bookmarks can have internal folders, which let you group bookmarks, created according to their theme and content.

Each bookmark or group of bookmarks has a description field, where the user can leave his notes for future use.

In case of loading an empty list of bookmarks, the application will generate a list of the default bookmarks, created on the basis of the detected device content, such as system and preferred apps folder, SD card, framework folder of Android system and others. You can also add predefined bookmarks to non empty list, using popup menu of the page.


Pop-up menu of page

Provides the ability to add a group of bookmarks in the list, customize the display of a list of items, access to contextual help and other modules.


Bookmark context menu

Provides the ability to add a group of bookmarks in the list, delete and edit the selected element and so on.


The module has a built-in editor, which allows you to add new groups and bookmarks, as well as edit existing list items.

Each bookmark of the list has the following attributes:

GROUP - the full name of the group path, which includes the element.

The group name selection is carried out of tree-like list of previously created groups.

Tip: To move an item to another group is sufficient change the name of the group.

NAME - the name of the element in the group list, which can not be empty.

DESCRIPTION - Additional description of element for a more complete description of its, which can be empty.