Package tree

The list includes all adopted in module APLLICATIONS category of applications.

Each domain has expanded information, including the total number of applications in that domain, their percentage in the parent domain, and the data on certain categories of applications found in that domain. The output of this information is available by submenu "Package View" of pop-up menu of page.

The module provides access to the tree of grouped domains, which allows you to select a group of individual applications developers, although it should be borne in mind that the domain name is not a guarantee of belonging to the developer.

Also, using this module you can identify "strange" names of packages, for example, "zxy.asdfg.qwerty".

The list item of application is similar to module APPLICATIONS. This allows to unify a common set of available menu commands and general information for the application.


The commands of pop-up menu of page provide the ability to customize the desired output mode required information.

The presentation of apps item in the list is analogous to a similar operation in module APPLICATIONS.


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